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Stages of Film Production Discussed During the Career Week

Stages of Film Production Discussed During the Career Week
Published Date: Monday, 18 May 2015

Within the framework of Eastern Mediterranean University International Career Week, film producer Emre Oskay talked about how things are carried out in the film production industry. Delivered both in Turkish and English within two sessions, Oskay's talk featured information about sectoral experiences.

Recommending the students to value their time during their university studies, Oskay also highlighted the importance of human relations. Stating that his first sectoral experience was the production chairmanship of a French-Turkish joint production documentary, Oskay put forth that he received special permission from his instructors and the faculty dean to attend the film production process of the aforesaid documentary which later received the best documentary award in Berlin Film Festival.

Oskay worked as the executive producer and co-producer of a considerable number of films including the Fish, the Hair, Devir and Shadows and Faces.