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Graduate of EMU Pursues a Successful Career at International Level

Graduate of EMU Pursues a Successful Career at International Level
Published Date: Thursday, 9 July 2015

After the completion of his undergraduate studies at Eastern Mediterranean University Tourism Faculty, Tourism and Hospitality Management Department in 2001 and postgraduate studies at EMU Business and Economics Faculty in 2003, Haktan Erdogan Ekiz carried out his PhD studies in Hong Kong and upon the completion of this education, Ekiz worked at Hong Kong Poly University as an academic staff member for a period of 4 years. Ekiz also pursued employment opportunities at Taiwan and Malaysia as an academician. Ekiz is currently employed at Saudi Arabia King Abdulaziz University as the Chair of the Travel and Tourism Management Department.

Ekiz stated that the degrees he obtained from EMU brought many important career opportunities for him and added that he encountered no problems regarding the recognition of his diplomas at the international level. As an academician who has worked in different countries, Ekiz put forth that EMU is a high quality, and multicultural university.

Expressing his pride in being an EMU graduate, Ekiz stated that EMU is an important institution of higher education contributing to the promotion of the TRNC.