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EMU Graduate Kuman’s Successful Achievements

EMU Graduate Kuman’s Successful Achievements
Published Date: Monday, 29 September 2014

Eastern Mediterranean University Business and Economics Faculty 1997 graduate Refik Kuman has been pursuing a successful career since his graduation. Following the completion of his studies at Eastern Mediterranean University, Kuman worked at an industrial company called Akzo – Nobel in Izmir for three years. Kuman, then, returned back to the TRNC and established Sümer Pharmaceutical Company, which is currently one of the most important companies of the country. Currently, Kuman owns two pharmaceutical companies and a pharmacy.

Kuman stated that the education he received in EMU plays an important role in his achievements. Kuman also put forth that EMU houses prominent faculty members who contribute to graduates' successes.

Kuman advised the current students to benefit from EMU's facilities and opportunities and, at the same time, stressed the importance of carrying out internship practice or taking part in student exchange programs. Expressing his pride in being a graduate of EMU, Kuman stated that EMU is the best university within the TRNC.