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Director's Message

Dear Eastern Mediterranean University Graduates,

With an elite group of alumni consisting of around 70,000 members, Eastern Mediterranean University has become a 'World University' today. Until your graduation, our university has brought you up as intellectual, innovative, inquisitive, competitive and well-informed individuals who are able to reach accurate information and sensitive towards country and environmental problems. Today, these values of EMU have become the basis of your success in all kinds of platforms. Thanks to you, the EMU flag flies high and proud in many countries around the world.

‘Graduates are the most valuable reference of a university’. We wholeheartedly believe that like you, the generations that will come after you will be in very good places and reach very successful positions. In this context, our university’s Alumni Communication and Career Research Directorate would like to receive your support, our dear graduates, in every field, with the belief that "Strength Comes in Unity". We invite you to participate in events that will enable us to stay together and become an EMU member for life, to exchange information about the decisions and changes made, and to walk side by side to move our university forward through conveying your professional life accumulation and experience to EMU students.

Best regards,

Derviş Ekşici
Alumni Communication and Career Research Directorate
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