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Successful EMU Graduate Bertan Turgut

Successful EMU Graduate Bertan Turgut
Published Date: Thursday, 15 January 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University Arts and Sciences Faculty, Psychology Undergraduate Program and Developmental Psychology Postgraduate Program (English) graduate Bertan Turgut is successfully involved in social responsibility and financial support project development programs for state and non-governmental institutions in Turkey.

Employed at the Turkish Republic Ministry of Family and Social Policies İzmir District Directorate, Press, Project Development and Public Relations Unit, Bertan Turgut is currently the project organisor for a project with a budget of 1 million TL developed within the framework of Izmir Development Agency 2014 Transformation to Information Society and Information Communication Technologies Financial Support Program.

Turgut stated that the project will pose contributions to the formation of a managerial network model providing services to the disabled and pensioners as well as protective services towards children and females, social services and services towards martyrs, veterans and their families.

Among Turgut's project-based works are Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Mental Health and Disorders Department's TUBİTAK supported project TurkschII and a project on the development of İzmir's mental health map based on field visits taking place at various locations of İzmir.

Turgut also worked at Ankara Municipality at Child Advisory Center and provided important contributions in the formation of numerous arts-related and scientific workshops as well as the organisation of an array of activities.

In choosing the career path of providing protective and preventive projects forming the base for social policies which will increase the community's awareness and sensitivity towards problems, Turgut stated the role and importance of Eastern Mediterranean University Psychology Department's academic staff members broad vision, their sensitivity towards work ethics and their openness for different opinions. Turgut also put forth that the importance EMU puts on project- based works motivated him to divert his career path towards projects. As an example for this, Bertan Turgut explained the Flasback Action Team Project of which he was a part in 2009 while he was a student in EMU.