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A Career Filled with Success: Ali İhsan Kuralkan

A Career Filled with Success: Ali İhsan Kuralkan
Published Date: Friday, 27 February 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University Engineering Faculty, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department 1989 graduate Ali İhsan Kuralkan pursued his postgraduate studies in France following his graduation. Following the completion of his studies, Kuralkan worked in Alcatel in Belgium for 14 years and also worked at Cisco as the general director. Currently, Kuralkan is the International Marketing Director in Netaş.

Kuralkan stated that the degree that he obtained from EMU opened many doors in his career and added that he encountered no problems at the international platform regarding the recognition of his diploma. As an administrator, Kuralkan put forth that he is looking for multicultural and innovative team members who possess skills at international level. Stating that Eastern Mediterranean University brings up graduates who possess skills corresponding with the aforesaid qualities, Kuralkan added that the quality of Eastern Mediterranean University contributes largely to prospective graduates' careers. Kuralkan recommended new graduates to be open to innovation and team work.

Expressing his pride in being an EMU graduate, Kuralkan stated that EMU is not only a university but is also an educational institution contributing to the promotion of the TRNC. Stressing the importance of the collaboration between the private sector and universities, Kuralkan stated that these collaborations may pose added value to developments that may change lives positively.