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EMU Graduate Miraç Başar Works at the Highest Restaurant Ever

EMU Graduate Miraç Başar Works at the Highest Restaurant Ever
Published Date: Thursday, 28 May 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Tourism and Hotel Management Department 2010 graduate Miraç Başar is successfully employed at Turkish Do & Co as a Flying Chef. Seeing himself as a chef working at the highest restaurant ever, Başar started his career in the hospitality services department at world famous hotel chains Sheraton and then went on to work at Lufthansa Airlines as a sales representative. Başar, then, worked at Apple Branch in Greece and learned Greek.

Stating that his success is due to the international and high quality education he received in Eastern Mediterranean University, Başar added that as a graduate of EMU who studied at a program in English medium, he has had the opportunity to work at an array of international companies.

Miraç Başar currently works as a staff member in charge of entire catering operations in long leg international flights of the Turkish Airlines. Stating that their aim is to give a memorable experience for passengers during their flights, Başar added that they went through an intensive training period and received numerous awards in fulfilling this mission. Başar stated that he is extremely satisfied with his current job as it gives him the opportunity to explore the world as well. Finally, Başar added that he meets a lot of important people due to the nature of his job and, at the same time, explore exotic spots throughout the world.