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EMU from Generation to Generation

EMU from Generation to Generation
Published Date: Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University, Engineering Faculty, Civil Engineering Department 1993 graduate Abdelnasir Manaa returned back to EMU to register his son Noureldin Abdelnasir for the 2015 – 2016 Academic Year Fall Semester. Similar to his father, Noureldin Abdelnasir chose EMU's Civil Engineering Department for his university studies. Expressing his happiness in studying at the university from which his father graduated, Abdelnasir added that his father always stressed the educational quality of Eastern Mediterranean University.

Father Manaa put forth that his son has also gained admission to Sudan University, one of the leading universities of Sudan, but they preferred EMU since it brings up qualified engineers equipped with up-to-date professional skills supporting them at the international arena. Adding that EMU is a world university, Manaa expressed his pleasure in his son's becoming a part of the grand EMU family like him.

Manaa added that following his graduation from EMU, he returned back to his country Sudan and established his own construction company. Manaa put forth that he has been successful in his business, thanks to the high quality education he received in EMU. Expressing his fascination with EMU's development after his graduation, Manaa highlighted the academic quality as well as the campus facilities of Eastern Mediterranean University.